Steven Rogers ConstructionInc. "There is no substitute for quality workmanship"

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Steven Rogers has worked in the construction industry in Citrus County, Florida as well as the surrounding counties since 1980. Steven started his own business in 1996 which includes all phases of residential construction from small repairs to new homes.

When working with Steven Rogers Construction customers can rest assured that they will always deal one on one with Steven Rogers himself rather than a supervisor.

All projects are done in a clean, professional and timely manner with respect paid to the customer and their property.

New Homes

Let's work together to build your dream home! We have the experience to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. I encourage you to look at some of the new homes we've built on our New Homes page and call us with any questions.


More people are remodeling their homes today than any other time in history. As housing stock ages in the U.S., this trend is expected to continue and increase. If you live in a house that you generally love, you plan to stay there for at least five more years, and it’s located in a desirable neighborhood - remodeling makes perfect financial sense.
Remodeling can give your kitchen a fresh, updated look. It can give your family the space it needs, or it can make an ordinary bath luxurious. Well-planned and utilized square-footage, efficient and up-to-date kitchens, and design-smart bathrooms generally increase the value of your home.
Some home improvements, such as the installation of well-made replacement windows, can both boost the value of your home and help you control ever-increasing heating and cooling costs.


Steven Rogers Construction will quickly design and build the deck of your dreams. If you want to add a backyard retreat to enjoy our great year-around weather or build a pool deck that increases your property value and creates a fun safe zone for your swim time we're ready to help you achieve your dreams.

Repairs and Rental Maintenance

We're experts at home repair and maintenance. We are who you should call when you need some extra help.  We guarantee our work and provide reliable service.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

We bag, load and haul away junk from inside and outside. We clean up and empty all drawers, cabinets and closets. We remove old furniture, appliances, carpet, tires, yard waste. We thoroughly clean the interior, sweeping, mopping disinfect and deodorize the house as needed. We'll do the landscaping, mowing , trimming and haul the waste off. We'll secure the premises, re-key the locks, board up windows if needed.

AC Security Cages

Protect your airconditioner, generator or other investments from thieves, hurricanes and storms with a protective A/C Cage. Visit our AC Cage page for details.

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